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Shed remodel

When we moved in, this shed was oil-stained, covered in spiderwebs, and very drafty. But had great potential, and a great view of the surrounding trees from the many windows. I started working from here right away because even though it was pretty gross and cold, it was my own quiet space. I installed an infra-red space heater which took the chill off, but it struggled to keep up wasted a lot of energy.


We removed the workbench, and saved the wood for a future project. Cleaned, degreased, and painted the floor.


Next we hired a contractor to handle the major jobs. He strengthened the frame, moved the joists up to create a vaulted ceiling, added insulation, installed proper electrical, and recessed lighting. Replaced single pane glass windows with new vinyl double pane windows for better insulation.


New drywall installed.


Added a giant rug with 1/4” felt pad underneath to improve insulation, reduce reverb, and make the room more cozy. Painted the walls myself to save on some costs, and it was oddly therapeutic!


All moved in! The heater has to work much less to keep the room warm now. The kids are helping to decorate. :)


Published 9 Feb 2021

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